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CollaborativeCare, a partnership developed by Dial Senior Living, enhances residents’ access to third-party services, with the goal of simplifying care coordination during the transition to independent living. The program streamlines access to diverse services, fostering a holistic living experience free from the challenges of managing care logistics.  CollaborativeCare empowers residents, providing them an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of independent living while utilizing third-party care covered through Medicaid, private insurance, and Medicare Part B.

Conventional senior living traditionally offers three lifestyle options including independent living, assisted living and memory care.  Independent living provides a community environment designed for active and self-sufficient seniors.  Assisted living offers supportive setting that offers personalized care services and assistance with activities of daily living while memory care is more specialized care that provides tailored support and services for those with cognitive impairments. These lifestyle options are not covered, or have limited coverage, through private insurance and government assistance programs, like Medicaid.

CollaborativeCare enables residents to live in a community setting and access third-party services, like home health care, often covered by insurance, including personal care services, nursing care and therapy services.  Personal care services aid with activities of daily living including bathing, dressing, toileting, eating and transferring.  Nursing care offers licensed professional support for medical needs including medication management, administering injections, monitoring vital signs and providing wound care.  Finally, therapy services include habilitative care which includes physical, occupational and speech-language therapy, aimed at helping and improving skills for daily life. Qualifying services depend on state and individual eligibility.

CollaborativeCare ultimately offers advantages of independent living alongside home health benefits.  Independent living benefits include providing each resident with a maintenance-free lifestyle full of social engagement opportunities with the autonomy to do what they love.  In addition, residents have access to all community amenities including a variety of dining options, a safe and secure environment, complimentary housekeeping and laundry services and transportation to appointments and shopping.

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