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Dial Senior Living values each resident as a cherished member of our community, deserving of dignity, respect, and compassionate care. Through our liveMORE program, specifically designed for memory care residents, we aim to enhance their well-being and cognitive abilities while fostering joy and fulfillment in every moment. Although exclusive to Dial Senior Living, the liveMORE program draws inspiration from established programs, philosophies and contemporary research findings. By integrating principles from reputable institutions, we have crafted a philosophy and program aimed at enhancing our residents’ overall well-being.

The liveMORE philosophy prioritizes engaging residents in daily activities that maximize cognitive function and promote happiness, enabling them to embrace life fully. This approach encourages meaningful interactions between our residents and team members, fostering mutual support and shared experiences that bring joy to the lives of the people we serve. Unlike traditional care settings, liveMORE employs a unique staffing model that features dementia care specialists who accompany residents throughout the day. These specialists offer individualized care with dignity, engaging residents in activities like exercise, conversations, meals, and music, customized to suit the inclinations of each individual.

Central to liveMORE’s philosophy is the belief that residents with dementia may not recall specific details but will often remember how they were made to feel. By engaging residents in all aspects of daily life, our dementia care specialist team builds meaningful connections, allowing for a deeper understanding of residents’ behaviors and preferences. This holistic approach ensures higher quality care and greater resident comfort and happiness.

Furthermore, liveMORE emphasizes Resident Choice programming, offering diverse learning opportunities and environments tailored to individual preferences. This approach not only reduces challenging behaviors but also enables residents to engage with peers who share similar abilities and interests, fostering a sense of belonging and satisfaction for all involved. In essence, our liveMORE program embodies principles of dignity, respect, understanding and enjoyment, enriching the lives of both residents and team members alike.