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Dial 4 Seniors

Gratitude. Connection. Purpose.
Love the Way You Live!

Dial 4 Seniors

“Life is short, it’s good to bless others as you go through.”

Patrick Day

It is our mission to ensure seniors everywhere love the way they live through gratitude, connection, and purpose. We do this by fulfilling the needs, and improving the lives, of underserved seniors.



Dial 4 Seniors

Our Story

The Day & Held Families (Omaha, NE) own and manage several Senior Living Communities throughout the Midwest – formally known as Dial Senior Living. These communities provide Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care support for residents that need support. As owners/operators, the families realized that they didn’t want to only be in business to provide care for residents of their properties – they wanted to create an organization to provide resources which would allow people to age with greater hope and success. Hence, Dial4Seniors was created. Dial4Seniors is committed to improving the quality of life for underserved, aging, adults. This not-for-profit organization allows for meaningful acts of kindness in which seniors receive support – large or small – to live more comfortably and age with dignity. Dial4Seniors has found that acts of kindness (no matter their size/scope) improve the physical and mental health of seniors and strengthen the bond between givers and receivers. Please consider a donation Dial4Seniors and join in the advocation of supporting seniors in need.

Older Couple Holding Hands

Why we do what we do:

We believe if you’ve been blessed, be a blessing. We hope to provide care for older adults outside of our communities while also providing purpose through opportunities for seniors to help other seniors.

We Give

  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Lawn care services
  • Wheelchair batteries
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical and dental care
  • Disaster relief
  • Other daily needs


We want to partner with YOU: our residents and potential partners. It is our desire to connect to and fulfill the needs of the community ultimately leaving the world better than we found it. Consider donating to Dial 4 Seniors to help us continue to give back to older adults in need.

We are a registered 501C3


Dial 4 Seniors