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Infusing Happiness at Dial Retirement Communities

At Dial Retirement communities, we believe our communities should be more than a place to live, but a place that you’re proud to call home. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help you love the way you live, which we do with our Infusing Happiness program.

Infusing Happiness is more than just a saying. It’s a culture and way of life, and it starts with you. What brings you joy? What makes you feel fulfilled? What helps you feel included and part of your community? We’ve identified several key areas which we believe are essential to helping you find your happiness, including living well, living purposefully, living connected and living happy. And to help you infuse happiness into all these areas of your life, we’ve tailored our entire community — from its design, social calendar, amenities and offerings — to nurture your well-being.

Living Well

Living well encompasses several areas of your life, including your intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Residents at Dial Retirement Communities have many opportunities to nurture wellness in all these areas. Through our art classes, theater groups and other weekly activities, residents can promote their intellectual well-being all while building lasting friendships. We also offer weekly Cocktails and Conversations to support socialization and having fun. And when it comes to physical and spiritual wellness, residents can take advantage of the many local amenities.

Living Purposefully

Living purposefully means having the ability to share your skills, wisdom and experiences with others, both at our communities and in the surrounding community. We encourage you to volunteer for one of the community groups. Our Resident Council meets regularly to discuss issues impacting residents’ lives and how the group can influence positive change at Dial Retirement Communities. Our communities are home to many wonderful resident lead groups that influence change in our local communities.

Living Connected

To help you live connected, we host social activities and events open to your family members and friends. You can also take advantage of our wonderful amenities to help you live a more connected life. Gather with friends, or share a meal with loved ones, in one of our beautifully-designed common spaces. And should your loved ones live far away, use the computers and phones in our business center to easily stay in touch.

Living Happy

As you work to infuse happiness into your own life, remember to help your fellow community members live happy as well. Create a positive and encouraging environment wherever you go, and recognize opportunities to infuse happiness in the lives of others. And because happiness often starts with feelings of inclusiveness and togetherness, we encourage you to think of your neighbors at your community, as well our staff, as family, and to embody the family values that help our community thrive:

Family serving family.
Attitude of gratitude.
Making a difference day.
Innovation with integrity.
Lead with a service heart.