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Why We Love This Amazing Retirement App

At Dial Retirement Communities, we’re happy to provide access to LifeLoop, a specifically-designed social engagement and lifestyle management tool for residents in senior living communities.

“There’s no real way to automate senior living, and we’re perfectly okay with that,” says Ted Lowndes, President of Dial Retirement Communities. “LifeLoop is a powerful tool that allows us to communicate important information to our residents—and vice versa. This includes scheduling maintenance requests, finding doctors, and sharing pictures of—and with—their grandkids.”

If you’re not familiar with the Omaha-based company, LifeLoop got its start after its founders watched a loved one quickly move from independent senior living to assisted memory care. “Our family couldn’t help but wonder what warning signs we may have missed,” said Amy Johnson, co-founder, on their website. Shortly thereafter, they set out on a mission to improve the care and experience of residents in senior living communities—and created an app that fostered and strengthened connections between community staff, residents, and their families.

LifeLoop’s features include

  • Community calendars and the ability to RSVP for events and activities.
  • A family gateway that streamlines photo sharing and phone calls.
  • Engagement tools to inform community staff of a resident’s interests and general wellness.
  • Maintenance and Transportation request portals to keep life moving smoothly
  • And so much more in an simple-to-use, easy-to-read, can’t-live-without format.

“Just because we use state-of-the-art technology to power our communications doesn’t mean our human interactions take a back seat,” adds Lowndes. “Quite the opposite, really. LifeLoop gives our team and our residents the ability to put their hands on the wheel to guide and gauge their senior living experience. We’re all about empowering and connecting people with their best experiences, and this technology does just that.”

Learn more about LifeLoop here.