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Letter From Dial Senior Living President

Dear Residents, Families and Team Members,

This is not a letter to update you on the coronavirus or any change in protocols. This letter is to let all of you know that Dial has accepted the challenge to care for you and your loved ones during these uncertain times!

Our leadership teams are diligently following recommendations from the CDC, and we are enacting whatever protocol is necessary and recommended. We are conducting daily updates to the communities in real time as we get direction from the CDC and local and state authorities. Additionally, we are persistently making efforts to prepare our communities for any unknown challenges that may exist ahead of us. Your Dial community leadership will be updating you all along the way.

During the early stages of this outbreak, Dial will be most focused on cleaning, screening, distancing, and communicating. It is vital that we all do our part to support this movement, so thank you for your support with our new visitor restrictions. We know this is hard and emotional, so we hope we can soon go back to social visits.

Dial realizes that we have the most noble of missions during this crisis, to look after the greatest generation of people our country has seen and the heroes who care for them. We realize that the virus is most difficult for the older population. We will be steadfast in doing everything in our capacity to keep our people safe. We consider every resident and team member our family and we will treat them as we would our own mother, father, brother or sister.

Thank you for trusting in us. We will get through this and be stronger as a Nation! For the time being, your loved one is in a place where every person from door to door is focused on prevention and control.


Ted Lowndes
Dial Senior Living