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5 Reasons You Should Live in Iowa When You Retire

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5 Reasons You Should Live in Iowa When You Retire

5 Reasons You Should Live in Iowa When You Retire

When it comes to choosing where to retire, more and more people are choosing Iowa. While it doesn’t have the warm, sandy draw of Florida or the exotic allure of living abroad, Iowa has a soft spot for retirees who long for strong friendships, close proximity to family, and life’s simple pleasures.

The weather is always beautiful—even (and sometimes especially) when you don’t go outside.

While the bitter winters may turn you off, remember—your snow shoveling days are over. Full-service senior living communities like Dial Retirement feature resort-quality resident amenities, including professional landscaping, transportation, and plenty of inside entertainment options within walking distance of your home.

The sky truly is the limit for outdoor activities.

With 92,000 farms making up 86% of the state, there’s little to get in the way of stargazing or a clear spring morning. Iowa residents have lots to look forward to on the horizon, and that’s not just because they can see most of it. With over 440 golf courses, 1,000 lakes to fish in, and thousands of miles of biking and walking trails, it will be easy to find ways to enjoy each of Iowa’s seasons in full splendor.

Plenty of vibrant and active volunteer opportunities.

For those who can’t wait to roll up their sleeves and contribute to something new in retirement, Iowa towns offer several ways to dig in and make a difference, from helping to clean up parks to giving local museum tours,

Easy access to the entire country—and local events.

If you enjoy traveling, you’re in luck. A flight from Iowa can reach the four corners of the United States in less time than it takes our coastal friends to make the trip. And if you prefer to travel stateside, you’ll be welcomed with “Heartland Hospitality,” an engaging mix of warm welcomes, ready smiles, happy-to-helps, and prompt hellos.

“Most of our residents find it easy to jump into our activities and events,” says [NAME/TITLE at COMMUNITY.] “I think it’s a product of our Midwest culture to dig in and introduce ourselves to others—not to mention it’s one of our favorite pastimes to figure out the people we have in common.”

Close proximity to family.

Even if you aren’t related to anyone in the Hawkeye State, that doesn’t mean you won’t be considered family. “That’s the real beauty of living here,” adds [LAST NAME]. “It doesn’t take for friends to turn into family you found along the way. I know that’s how most of us who work at Dial feel—it’s like we walked into a home filled with distant and not-so-distant relatives, and we enjoy all of them.”

Are these five reasons not enough? We can give you seven more: Silvercrest Garner, Legacy, Prairie Hills Cedar Rapids, Prairie Hills Des Moines, Whispering Creek, The Fountains, and Woodlands Creek. Just remember, the more you explore our Iowa senior living communities, the harder it will be to choose your favorite one!